Rules and guidelines of fosmods

Entire site (applies to everything on the site)

  • Creation of multiple accounts is not allowed unless the account is being created for privacy or security concerns.
  • Blatant advertising is not allowed (includes adfly links).
  • Spam and spamming are not allowed.
  • If you have nothing nice, useful, or constructive to say, don't say anything.
  • Toxicity is not allowed. Examples of toxicity are: being generally unpleasant to talk to, being a jerk, excessively yelling at others, publicly shaming others, being disrespectful to others, or if talking to you could be considered "like talking to a brick wall", among many other examples.
  • Sharing or discussion of political, idealogical, or related material is not allowed.
  • Discussion or promotion of using mods online with the intent of cheating is not allowed.
  • Discussion or promotion of pirated material is not allowed.
  • Sharing of content you don't have permission to share, such as pirated or stolen work, is not allowed.
  • Sharing of malware or pornography is not allowed.
  • Reporting is limited to content that breaks the rules, not what you want removed, although exceptions can be made.

Mods specifically

  • Uploads must be a free, open-source, and working modification for a PC video game.
  • The source code for the mod must be available and easy to find, such as in the uploaded archive, or on GitHub with a link in the mod's description to it.
  • If what you are uploading is compiled, the binary or binaries of the mod must be included in the uploaded archive.
  • If what you are uploading is compiled, the source code must be buildable, and must not be different than the source code used to build the binary/binaries in the uploaded archive.
  • Mods used to cheat online are not allowed.
  • The title must be in English, and the description and any included text files must have an English version.
  • The title, description, and any included text files should be professional. That means being comprehensible, no excessive vulgar language, no excessive ALL-CAPS, etc.
  • Must contain usage and installation instructions in either the description or in text files within the uploaded archive.
  • A change-log is required. The description must at least include the latest update's changes. The full change-log for all versions must be provided in either the description, in a text file within the uploaded archive, or on a web page with a link to it in the description or in a text file.
  • Uploaded files must be packaged in a 7z, tar.gz, or zip archive.
  • Password-protected archives are not allowed.
  • Uploaded images must be either PNG or JPG.
  • Pictures containing nudity must be censored, but uncensored versions may be included within the uploaded archive.

Reviews specifically

  • Must be in-depth, relevant, constructive, and fair.
  • Try to stick to facts, not opinions. "I don't like this type of mod" is not fair.

All rules are moderated at the discretion of the administrators.

If you have any questions about the rules, please contact the administrators using the Contact page.