Change-log since launch

Posted by Jitnaught
about 3 years ago

I've updated a few things during the last month and a half that the website has been up. Here are some of those changes:

  • Fine-tuned the Rules many, many times.

  • Added a captcha for downloading files. Before the captcha was added I had a total of ~200 downloads just from bots.

  • The current Sort mode is now shown on the Game pages.

  • Simplified the Notifications page. You used to be able to mark individual notifications as read/unread, and all notifications as read/unread. Now you can only mark all notifications as read, as I think that's all that's really needed.

  • Added upload date to mod file boxes.

  • Added first uploaded and last updated dates to mod pages.

  • Removed the background of all pages, as it broke when zooming on mobile.

  • Removed number of mod images indicator when there is only one image uploaded.

  • Added background to number of mod images indicator so it can be read no matter the image behind it.

  • Added limit to mod files and images, to reduce spam.

  • Added link to revoke cookies for your account.

  • Increased size of icons for games, as they looked pixelated on large screens.

  • Added a task for deleting new users when they haven't been activated after a month.

  • Added Latest Mods for all games section on the index page.

  • Added Admin and Banned indicators on user profiles.

  • Changed dates on News posts to "time ago" dates (3 days ago) instead of regular dates (2018/12/25). This is because the dates were shown in UTC and I couldn't find a good way to correct them automatically based on the user's time zone.

  • Many, many small improvements and fixes.

  • Many improvements to admin areas.