Changes in the last 4 months

Posted by Jitnaught
over 2 years ago

I've made a few changes since my last change-log post, and I think the most important one is fixing Chrome users not being able to use the forms, like account creation.

  • Many minor improvements and fixes.

  • Fixed main page showing unapproved mods.

  • Removed 'web pages used to help create the site' from the About page, since I doubt anyone would look through the list anyway. I still have the list if you want to view it though, just ask me through the Contact page.

  • Finished controller and model tests.

  • Added version number next to mod names.

  • Added separate comments and reviews pages for users.

  • Only allow jpegs for game icons and mod images, to reduce image sizes.

  • Fixed all mod images being reuploaded/reprocessed when adding an image.

  • Added mod state indicator when viewing your own mods, so you can see which mods are unapproved, unpublished, etc.

  • Added captcha to Contact page to reduce spam.

  • Added some client-side HTML validations.

  • Started using Papertrail, a website for storing and searching logs.

  • Updated TOS and Privacy Policy (as already reported)

  • Fixed height of sticky header.

  • Added Last Downloaded date to mods, and Latest Downloaded sort.

  • Added Cache-Control header to Rails and AWS.

  • Enabled text compression on Rails.

  • Images are now optimized when uploaded.

  • Set most JavaScript to load asynchronously.

  • Fixed Chrome not being able to POST forms due to Referrer-Policy being set to no-referrer.