Weird Rain

By Jitnaught

For Max Payne 3

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Vehicles rain from the sky!

Install MP3 ScriptHook.
Install VC++ Redist 2015 x86.
Extract WeirdRain.asi and WeirdRain.ini to Max Payne 3 directory.

Press F9 to toggle the mod on/off.

ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT: Whether the mod should be enabled on startup or not. 1 means yes, 0 means no.
TOGGLE_KEY: The key to toggle the mod. List of keys.
RADIUS: The radius which to spawn vehicles in. The larger the number the farther the cars can spawn.

This mod can break missions.
This mod can sometimes cause the game to crash.

1.0.1: Fixed a small bug (thanks Unknown Modder for pointing it out!)

Source code.

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First uploaded: over 2 years ago
Last updated: over 2 years ago
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