Toggle Police Blips

By Jitnaught

For Grand Theft Auto V

A super simple mod to toggle police radar blips.


  • Install Script Hook V.

  • Install Script Hook V .NET.

  • Create a scripts folder in your GTA V directory if it doesn't already exist.

  • Copy PoliceBlips.dll and PoliceBlips.ini to within the scripts folder.

  • Press the End key to toggle police blips. (Can be customized in INI file.)


  • 1.0.3
    • Added INI setting (BLIPS_ENABLED_ON_STARTUP) to change whether police blips should be enabled or disabled on startup.

  • 1.0.2
    • Police blips setting should now always be kept.

  • v1.0.1
    • Added INI setting to disable message that shows up when you toggle police blips.

Source code.

  • kkrive500 for the request.

  • Jitnaught for writing the script.

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First uploaded: about 3 years ago
Last updated: about 3 years ago
Last downloaded: 7 months ago

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