Strong Forklift

By Jitnaught

For Grand Theft Auto V

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Makes the forklift stronger. Now it easily able to lift vehicles and anything else you throw at it.

Install Script Hook V.
Install Script Hook V .NET.
Copy StrongForklift.dll and StrongForklift.ini to within the scripts folder in the GTA V directory.

Once installed, all forklifts are now strong.

This mod works by placing a prop between the forks of the forklift and what it is lifting. Doing this causes some problems, and does not always work.
One big problem the prop causes is the forklift can no longer lift pallets normally. This is because the prop is between the forks, and does not allow the forks to slide through the pallet.

Customizable in the INI file:
The prop to use. The options to choose from are Lid and Pallet. Pallet has a better lifting capability, but it is a large prop so you won't be able to lift vehicles with low clearance, and the prop will hit things when the forklift itself doesn't. Lid is a smaller prop, so it works better with low clearance vehicles, but its lifting capability is worse, and it makes more noise.

Source code.

PNWParksFan: telling me the model name of the pallet prop.
Jitnaught: writing the script.

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