Rope Creator

By Jitnaught

For Grand Theft Auto V

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A mod for having fun with ropes.


Install Script Hook V.
Install Script Hook V .NET.
Install NativeUI into scripts folder in GTA V directory.
Copy RopeCreator.dll and RopeCreator.ini to within the scripts folder in the GTA V directory.

Usage on keyboard:
Hold aim key then press E to set first position, then do it again to create the rope.
Press Z to delete the last rope you created.
Press F6 to open the menu.

Usage on controller:
Hold aim button then press sprint button, then do it again to create rope.
Press left DPad button to delete the last rope you created.
Press RB then sprint buttons together to open the menu.

Customizations in the INI file:

  • AttachKey: The key for creating ropes. Keys.

  • AttachPadButton: The controller button for creating ropes. Buttons.

  • RemoveLastRopeKey: The key for deleting the last rope you created.

  • RemoveLastRopePadButtons: The controller buttons for deleting the last rope you created. Separate multiple buttons with +

  • MenuToggleKey: The key for opening/closing the menu.

  • MenuTogglePadButtons: The controller buttons for opening/closing the menu. Separate multiple buttons with +

  • EnabledOnStartup: Whether the mod should be enabled on startup or not.

  • ShowAimMarker: Show marker where rope will be attached or not.

  • ShowRopeMarkers: Show markers when editing a specific rope or not.

  • OnlyCreateRopeWhenAiming: Only allow creating rope when aiming or not.

  • OnlyShowMarkerWhenAiming: Only show aim marker when aiming or not.

  • AllowTargetingOfCurrentVehicle: Allow attached a rope to the vehicle your player is in or not.

  • MaxRopes: The maximum amount of ropes allowed spawned at a time.

  • MaxDistance: The maximum distance from the player you can target.

  • DefaultType: The default type of rope. Rope types

  • DefaultBreakable: The default breakable setting for ropes on startup.

  • AttachToObjectBone: Attach ropes to bones of objects or not. This allows the rope to move with the object's bone. This also makes it so the object is immovable by the opposite end of the rope.
Source code.

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