Raining Men

By Jitnaught

For Grand Theft Auto V

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A mod that spawns men in the sky when it's raining/thunderstorming.

Install Script Hook V and Script Hook V .NET.
Copy RainingMen.dll and RainingMen.ini to within the scripts folder in your GTA V directory.

Enable/disable screaming (Peds_Scream).
Scream type (Scream_Type).
Men spawn rate (Interval) (in milliseconds).
The maximum men to spawn (Max_Spawned_Peds).

Raining men now scream when falling.
Added setting to enable/disable screaming.
Added setting for scream type.
Added setting for men spawn rate.

Source code.

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First uploaded: almost 3 years ago
Last updated: almost 3 years ago
Last downloaded: over 1 year ago

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