Give Wanted Weapons

By Jitnaught

For Grand Theft Auto V

A mod to give yourself weapons that you use regularly. This makes it so you don't have to go through multiple trainer menus and options to get the weapons you want.


  • Install Script Hook V.

  • Install Script Hook V .NET.

  • Copy GiveWantedWeapons.dll and GiveWantedWeapons.ini to the scripts folder within your GTA V directory.

  • Input the weapons you want to give yourself into the INI file (instructions below).

How to input weapons into the INI file:
  • For each weapon you want to add you need to add a "WEAPON_1 = " prefix, with the number increasing for each weapon.

  • After each "WEAPON_number = " write the weapon you want to give. List of weapons.

  • If you don't understand these instructions, you can look at the INI file for 3 example weapons. You can remove these examples.

After you have installed the mod and set up the INI file, press Page Up to give your player the weapons.

INI settings:
  • The keys for giving your player weapons. If you want to have a key like End, set HOLD_KEY_GIVE_WEAPONS to None and PRESS_KEY_GIVE_WEAPONS to End. If you want to have a key combo like Left-CTRL + G, set HOLD_KEY_GIVE_WEAPONS to LControlKey and PRESS_KEY_GIVE_WEAPONS to G. List of keys.

  • The weapons to give, of course.

  • Whether to give the weapons you want when the game starts or not. (GIVE_WEAPONS_ON_STARTUP)

  • Whether to give the weapons you want when you switch characters or not. (GIVE_WEAPONS_AFTER_SWITCH_CHARACTER)

  • Whether to give the weapons you want when you start a mission or not. (GIVE_WEAPONS_WHEN_START_MISSION)

  • Whether to give the weapons you want when you complete a mission or not. (GIVE_WEAPONS_AFTER_COMPLETE_MISSION)

  • v1.1.1
  • Ability to give weapons when starting a mission.

  • v1.1:
  • Ability to give wanted weapons after switching characters or completing a mission.

  • v1.0.1:
  • Added ability to give wanted weapons on startup.

Source code.

Alexander Blade: For Script Hook V.
crosire: For Script Hook V .NET.
CTR640: For the idea.
/u/Nebula666 from Reddit: For requesting the features added in v1.1+.
Jitnaught: For writing the script.

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First uploaded: about 3 years ago
Last updated: about 3 years ago
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