Disable Phone

By Jitnaught

For Grand Theft Auto V

Super simple mod to disable the phone entirely.


  • Install Script Hook V.

  • Install Script Hook V .NET.

  • Extract DisablePhone.dll and DisablePhone.ini to scripts folder in GTA V directory.
When the mod is installed, the phone is disabled.
If you'd like to toggle the disabling of the phone, open the cheat box with the tilde/grave (`~) key, type "togglephone" (without quotes), then press Enter.

Configurable in the INI file:
  • ENABLED_ON_STARTUP: whether the phone should be disabled on startup or not.

  • CHEAT_STRING: the text you have to type in the cheat box to toggle the mod on/off.
  • v1.1:
    • Added cheat code to toggle the mod on/off (thanks justalemon).

    • Added INI settings for cheat code.
  • Rstein: requesting the mod.

  • justalemon: adding the cheat code toggle.

  • Jitnaught: writing the script.
Source code.

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First uploaded: about 2 years ago
Last updated: about 2 years ago
Last downloaded: about 2 months ago

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