DeFoe V

By Jitnaught

For Grand Theft Auto V

A port (but not actually a port, I wrote all the code) of the DeFoe mod from GTA IV for GTA V.

What the mod does:
Kills anybody that is in combat with you (or, if set in the INI file, kills anybody in combat with anybody).
Kills all nearby peds on key press (CTRL + K).


  • Install Script Hook V.

  • Install Script Hook V .NET.

  • Copy DeFoe.dll and DeFoe.ini to the scripts folder in your GTA IV directory.

INI settings:
  • (Interval) Interval. Increase to decrease lag.

  • (Get_Peds_Radius) Radius of which to get peds. Increase to pick up peds that are farther away.

  • (Act_Upon_Any_Enemy) If true, will kill any ped that is in combat, regardless if in combat against you or not.

  • (Kill_Cops) If true, will kill cops that are in combat against you.

  • (Disable_In_Missions) If true, will disable the mod while in a mission.

  • (Key) The hotkey for killing nearby peds. Seperate multiple keys with a +. Use key names from here.

  • (Radius) The radius for which to kill nearby peds when using the hotkey.

  • Added hotkey to kill all nearby peds.

  • Added INI settings for disabling the automatic killing, disabling the mod in missions, and key/radius for the kill all nearby peds hotkey.

  • Bug fixes and general improvements.

Source code.

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First uploaded: about 3 years ago
Last updated: about 3 years ago
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