Strobe Lights

By Jitnaught

For Grand Theft Auto IV

This is a simple mod, which makes your headlights strobe lights!

CTRL + S to toggle strobe
CTRL + I to toggle change interval menu
NUMPAD8 to increase interval
NUMPAD2 to decrease interval
(Only the increase/decrease interval keys are changeable)

How to install:
Copy to the scripts folder in your GTA IV directory. Make sure you have .NET Scripthook installed.

You can only increase/decrease the interval when the change interval menu is open, so don't worry about this conflicting with your Simple Trainer controls.
INI file is created after first run.
You can set if strobe/change interval menu is enabled on startup in the INI file also.

w33dxdrift3r for the idea.

Source code.

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First uploaded: about 3 years ago
Last updated: about 3 years ago
Last downloaded: 7 months ago

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