Player Components Selector

By Jitnaught

For Grand Theft Auto IV

This is a pretty simple mod for selecting specific player components to be either visible or not visible.

How to install:
First install .NET Scripthook, then copy and PlayerComponentsSelector.ini to the scripts folder in your GTA IV directory.

Right-CTRL + C = Toggle the menu for selecting the components
NumPad8 = Scroll up in the menu
NumPad2 = Scroll down in the menu
NumPad5 = Select the component
NumPad/ = Change visibility of the components / set them all back to visible (this key works no matter if the menu is open or not)
-Keys are changeable in the ini file

Doesn't work in MP (at least with the standard model).
When you die, all your components will be set back to visible

Source code.

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