Force Field++

By Jitnaught

For Grand Theft Auto IV

So, I was searching for a Force Field mod, and I couldn't find any good ones with the features I'd like, so I decided to make one that did!

Draws a barrier around you, and if anything goes past that barrier, it gets thrown away!
The throwing away part I just mentioned.

How to use it:
Press Right Control + K to enable/disable.

What you can change in the ini file:
The keys.
Whether to draw the barrier or not.
The radius to draw the barrier (if set to) and throw vehicles/peds away.
The force to push vehicles/peds away.

How to install:
First install .NET Scripthook.
Copy and ForceFieldPlusPlus.ini to the scripts folder in the GTA IV directory.

Aru: Scripthook
HazardX: .NET Scripthook

If the script crashes or you call abortscripts/reloadscripts, then the barrier will not delete for some reason (if set to be created in the first place). I can not figure out how to stop this.

v1.1: Added INI setting for force.

Source code.

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