About fosmods

This is a place for Free and Open Source PC video game modifications!

Check out open-source mods for your favorite games, their source code, and download them to try them out.

Users can suggest new games, suggest new categories for games, upload their own open-source mods, comment on mods, and review mods.

About its creation

This site is heavily inspired by GTA5-Mods.com and NexusMods.com. It was created by Jitnaught in just under two months using Ruby on Rails and many other great libraries and applications. He made it on a decade old netbook running Lubuntu with Xfce, using Geany to code, and Inkscape to create the SVG images, with virtually no prior experience regarding most of the languages, libraries, and applications used.

This site was intentionally made to be lightweight, as it annoys Jitnaught to run those huge and slow sites on slow networks and devices.

Jitnaught would like to open-source the website, but he wants to be sure of all code being clean, documented, and tested before doing so.

List of operating systems, applications, languages, frameworks, and libraries used to make this website: